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Give your K–12 students an authentic research process that aligns with state and federal standards, including Common Core. Improve test scores, prevent plagiarism and ensure college and career readiness with the Independent Investigation Method (IIM) teaching model.

  • Want to Introduce IIM to Your School?

    Want to Introduce IIM to Your School?

    Apply the Solution

    The Independent Investigation Method (IIM) is a K-12 research process proven to:

    • Enhance critical thinking and language skills
    • Boost student knowledge and retention
    • Eliminate plagiarism
    • Increase test scores

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  • The IIM Research Model

    The IIM Research Model

    Empower Learning

    IIM is transformational in the teaching of research!”

    …an important tool for facilitating student learning, developing information literacy skills, fostering independence, and promoting 21st century learning skills.”

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  • IIM and the Standards

    IIM and the Standards

    Exceed the Standards

    IIM is fully aligned with Common Core and other standards, including TEKS. IIM is perfect for use in any subject area with students in grades K-12—no matter what their skill level!

    Even beyond that, IIM fosters independent, student-centered learning that instills a livelong lover for education and inspires excellence.

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