IIM Research wants to encourage everyone who has knowledge with kids and their journey with learning to make a contribution to us. Everyone is free to make their pitch as long as you have the knowledge and expertise about teaching the children. You can share your best practices based on experiences that you have. Imagine how many individuals you will be able to help with all the information you can share. You can make a huge difference in the traditional way of teaching the kids. You can be:

–    A teacher

–    A parent

–    A psychologist

–    A tutor

–    Or anyone who has an experience with teaching children

The doors of IIM Research are open for any contribution you can make. We will have it featured, and the insights you have will be read by over five million unique site viewers who are always looking forward to the information we share.

You can send your pitch at One of our editors will get back to you to discuss the other details. Please don’t forget to send you contribution with your name and contact information so we can get back to you the soonest possible time.

IIM Research can’t wait to hear from you!